Shattered Chains

And so it goes
Wherein Rain takes the Throne after all

The King is Dead. Jhevit is dead. Elecar is a baby. Faleth is pregnant. Aldraxx is dead. It was an eventful 10 minutes.

The Throne

Faleth turns energy like and the door disappears, after which she collapses and we go into sandstone ruins.
After going through a lot of creepy stuff, we fight copies of ourselves, and gain access to the throne!

WTF Rain
in which Rhityu sends Rain some sacrifices

After anticlimactically defeating a sleeping Wyvern the party, following Faleth’s lead, finds cultist activity at some ruins thought to be where the Throne might appear / be.

While waiting for an opportune time, Rhityu apparently sends two people for Rain to kill and power the sword, but Rain says they should go gather more people. We poison most of the cultists and do battle.

After the battle, Rain siphons the blood of unconscious foes into his sword and heals…

Ok bye Geno
How we get a familiar face

Geno departs because we don’t murder enough. While paying Salik taxes, Salik sends a mercenary named Logan with us to assist in taking down the Cult of Chains.
Werewarg bandits attack but are slain to the last.

After traveling to the town of oakmarsh, governed by a council of elders, led by a female human named Sa’siya bint Muhsa al-Dahai, the party asked her about the king but she didn’t know much.

On our continued way to find the King, we get into a fight with slaving lizardfolk who are promptly dispatched.

I don't think he's gonna go for that...
in which we attempt to provoke The Master into villain monologuing

Talk to master of chains learn much from them and archivist – specifically that
Rain’s patron god seeks the end of all things (according to the master of chains) and is named Rikyu.
The master of chains seeks to control everything, and has persisted for many cycles. Seeking faleth, daughter of chaos, who can summon the throne from a conduit which is located under the ruins in the deserts.
Jenor is convinced of the master’s evil, and join us for now.
Jhevit travels east to huda lands, and is the herald of the master.
We leave him be for now to search for Faleth.
Elecar’s magic is being dicked with specifically – Faleth isn’t specifically magically protected, but Elecar can’t find her exactly, just a glimpse. Possibly around the stepping stones. She hasn’t been on a boat.
Rasheera does her own thing.

"We're all gonna die"
or: Sain cries. Part 7/infinity

We debate whether 5 of us can take 1 legendary assassin, decide not to be cowards today, and press on assassinating cultists as we go.

After a giant argument a disembodied voice challenges us pawns to fight his pawn, and Aldraxx kicks open the door, misses, and then the door behind us locks.

After a deadly fight with Dranos in which both Rain and Geno nearly died, we await a conversation with what may be the divine power behind the cult of chains.

I get knocked down, but I get up again...
(unless I'm a cultist)

Rain returns to life with a mysterious mark from an ancient religion.
Elecar disintegrates a priest for information about a temple where marked souls are collected, to which the party departs.

Once there, we kill a bunch of people and Rain apparently can power a weird sword with souls, and he has the title lightbringer…

What could go wrong?

Talk to the archivist in Elecar’s tower, let Elecar study the dagger and attempt to determine how to prevent the soul capturing → chain link transformation and “rescue” Jenor.

Go to Tadellus’ tower to confront Resark – who is a copy of Tadellus, get recompense in magic item crafting services., learn that Tadellus is poor, and used crystals to make nuisance copies of himself.
Narundea is involved in the cult of chains.

Decide to infiltrate a nearby cult meeting which naturally goes south. Rain tries to save a student from getting soul sacrificed and…it does not go well.

Journey to Renes

Mouth of magister Tadellus by the name of Resark – lives on the second to top floor of northern mushroom, probably caused the bar fire with the demonic goat

Elecar Magister symbol – full blooded Ghunami hasn’t left tower, dead kids, curse, dead wife.

green herald shanalot was a daughter of chaos

Narandea – a magister who maybe knows about a Djinni sword, she’s actually making it

dagger made of dreamstone
aspect of subjugation usurping the god of chains, seeking to control the throne by proxy
all the sisters sent to guard Faleth


Elecar is a high Magister lich(?) who is indeed the father of Faleth

Notes on Gods from Jenor and Brainstorming

Order aspect → early cycle more in control,
Chaos Aspect → child, Faleth, could be used to end the cycle
Cult of Chains Divine – Usurper of lords power?
Lords → ascended mortals, given bits and pieces of aspect power
Who’s doing the necromancy?

Heralds normally summon people to the throne, but the last herald died as well. As a daughter of chaos Faleth could become a herald and know the throne’s whereabouts.


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